Mosquito nets Mosquito nets Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets

The Rolset company provides you with mosquito nets - an effective protection against insects.

The Rolset company offers a large selection of products protecting door and window openings from insects' access.

All mosquito nets are made of high quality materials of high resistance to solar radiation and atmospheric conditions. Profiles used in production of mosquito nets are made of light and durable aluminium, which is a guarantee of perfect look for many years.

A wide range of elements used to create mosquito nets allow them to meet the high demands of our clients and adjust them to individual needs.

The Rolset mosquito nets made for individual orders provide almost 100 % protection against insects.

The elements of protection against insects

In living quarters, kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, everywhere where the protection against insects is required, you can install double - task roller-blinds with anti insect protection elements.

Flies, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps and bees are not allowed in your home. The Rolset company offers you a product designed for protection against insects.

Mosquito nets Mosquito nets Mosquito nets

ZIG-ZAG pleated mosquito screen

ZIG-ZAG mosquito screen is recommended especially for large terrace doors.


  • maximum dimensions: width 3,0 m x height 2,6 m
  • does not restrict functionality of the doors
  • allows to be stopped in any position
  • does not restrict the visibility
  • it is easy noticeable and resistant to damages
  • low bottom guide (8mm) does not make crossing over more difficult
  • movable handle