The market has become a specific arena of competition. The Rolset company tries to be the leader.

We provide you with the best solutions in the field of acquiring outer roller-blinds, inner roller-blinds, vertical and horizontal blinds and canopies as well as garage doors.

We cooperate with the biggest producers of components for roller-blinds, blinds and canopies production. We guarantee the highest quality of our products and satisfaction of our clients.

Surely we can surprise you with many interesting ideas in the field of building and interiors arrangements.

Due to the above we would like to include the offer of the Rolset company when planning changes of your homes arrangement.


In case you have any further questions we can answer on the following telephone numbers: tel./fax +48 54 283 51 69 and +48 501 384 676

Best regards

Tomasz Serocki

87-720 Ciechocinek, ul. Bema 164
tel./fax: +48 501 384 676, +48 54 283 51 69

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NIP PL: 8911433630

"ROLSET" is an acknowledged Polish brand of products such as roller-blinds, blinds, doors and canopies. In our offer you can find: material roller-blinds, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, pleated roller-blinds, outer blinds, roller-blinds, doors, grating and canopies. We perform assembly works in Poland as well as in Europe.